In hotellerie and hospitality structures, resin flooring and coatings are widely used thanks to the architectural and refined characteristics.


Highly customizable and durable, our resins are perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments in structures where welcome and hospitality are primary aspects.
RPM Italia provides specific solutions for every type of environment: halls, bedrooms and bathrooms, conference rooms but also warehouses and kitchens.

  • Whether in a new construction or a renovation, these solutions are increasingly preferred to laminate, linoleum or traditional tiles.


During the design phase, the choice of flooring and coverings is a delicate choice that must combine design and functionality.

  • Functionality is guaranteed by resistance and high washability.

Ordinary cleaning guarantees long-lasting resin coatings and floors and the absence of joints and / or joints makes the surfaces quick and easy to clean.

  • The resin offers the possibility of creating solutions of material and chromatic continuity between floors, walls and other architectural elements (walls, stairs, counters) for an effective appearance.

Your structure will be able to continue to welcome customers with minimal discomfort. Spaces enhanced with a resin solution are an excellent business card that guarantees results over time.

  • Resin floors and coatings have a minimum thickness that allows you to renovate your structure with less expensive interventions, it is not necessary to dismantle and dispose of existing surfaces.


During the design phase, the choice of flooring and coverings is a delicate choice that must combine design and functionality; RPM Italia offers creative and unique solutions able to satisfy every design need of your structure.


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Le Finiture

Preparazione della Superficie

  • Analisi della superficie esistente

  • Preparazione e riparazione della superficie esistente mediante diverse tipologie di lavorazioni 

  • Accurata pulizia per rimuovere e smaltire i materiali di risulta

Freccia in avanti veloce

Ciclo Applicativo

  • Applicazione di eventuali elementi architettonici (rete di armatura, massetto, pannelli) 

  • Stesura di uno o più prodotti per assicurare la massima adesione della resina scelta

  • Stesura della Resina scelta in fase di progettazione

Freccia in avanti veloce


  • Stesura della resina di finitura con una tecnica di posa specifica

  • Stesura di trattamenti ulteriori scelti in fase di trattazione 

  • Pulizia della nuova superficie da consegnare chiavi in mano

Esempi di Realizzazione