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The Materials

The spatulated resin is defined by a natural blur effect due to the spatulation carried out by the installer. Depending on the project specifications, the resin can be processed with either a single color or two colors, what in technical jargon is defined as '' monochrome '' or '' two-color ''. Once finished, a monochromatic palette knife is less bright than a two-tone one.

We Reccomend It For

The choice of a trowel decorative floor guarantees a finished surface with a remarkable visual impact.
A skilful use of spatulas and resins, through a skilful play of colors, tone-on-tone or with contrasting tones, allows the creation of continuous coatings with sophisticated textures and rich in depth. The same flooring technique can be used for vertical surfaces.

Production and Flooring

The flooring is created by overlapping different resinous layers, worked with special spatulas to obtain contrasts and movements and finally finished with a glossy or opaque effect, to protect the surface and give further depth to the chromatic interweaving.
The spatula coating can be made with a wide range of colors following the RAL table.


Our materials are certified and are produced in full compliance with EU regulations.


  • Natural blur effect

  • Monochrome and duotone

  • Sophisticated textures


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The Finishes

The finishes available for the spatula are: Glossy and Matt.
Based on the customer's preferences, it is possible not only to play on the shades of colors, but also on the final effect we want to give to the flooring thanks to the glossy or matte finish.