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Sede principale RPM Italia con vetrate - Rivestimenti e pavimentazioni

Rpm Italia is

Our Experience

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in the market, servicing worldwide customers, we have gained a deep expertise and we are able to offer the best solutions for every customer's need.  


We offer a high quality standard of service, from first contact to the after sales, thanks to a team of experts working in synergy to achieve the best result ever.

The company employs high skilled installers and highly trained technicians who guarantee a constant follow-up.


We own a wide range of products that allows you to find the specific solution for every type of installation, whether industrial or residential. Among our executions we can count the realization of resin floors and walls both in the residential area: living area, kitchen, stairs, bathrooms; contract and industrial, such as wineries and breweries.

Pavimentazioni in resina | RPM

From your Idea to reality

From your idea to turnkey delivery
From your Idea to reality

Our Product

A resin floor is a tailor-made product to satisfy the unique needs of the customer and designed according to a project that leads to the installation of a unique product. Every solution respects the esthetical and performance features required by the customer. A resin solution has many advantages: it is monolithic and has no tile joints, high-resistant against chemical and physical stress, it has a low thickness and is suitable for many decorations and customization.  

  • Tailor-made solution

  • High resistance to mechanical stress

  • Low thickness


All resin surfaces are continuos without joints nor interruptions. 

Elasticity, waterproofing, hygiene and resistance are the key features of this material.

All resins can be applied on pre-existing supports without affecting either the thickness or loading of the original structure. For example, some formulas are suitable for a vertical installation because they give a continuity effect between the floor and the walls. 

Each result is unique and unreapetable and creates modern and elegant effects.

  • No joints

  • Possibility to get a continuous effect between the floor and the walls

  • Unique results

  • No resulting materials

Customer care

Customization is our added value and all our customers are quickly and efficiently supported.

After a preliminary meeting where we collect all information, we create a customized offer in which  we propose the solutions that best fit the customer's needs and preferences. 

  • Quick and efficient service

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Customization

Un campione di resina RPM Italia della collezione Stone

Our history

From your project idea to turnkey delivery
Our story

 1970  Our Establishment

RPM Italia was established in the productive Northeast in 1970 with its own research facility on cross-linked polymer, which is the basis of the resin we know today. We have immediately succeeded to stand out in the market proposing innovative solutions in various fields like waterproofing, anticorrosive coatings, asbestos encapsulation and sealants.  

Our research and development treasures the experience of our American parent company based in Ohio that has been active in this field since the 1930s and has been applying their products on millions of square meters in the world and under many climates.  

At the beginning our main product was Alumanation 301, an anticorrosive and waterproof coating for metal structures such as roofs, ribbed steel sheets, storage tanks, bridges, steel structures, pipes, cranes and pylons. This product is still quite successful because it reflects the heat and prevents the corrosion of the metal substrata on which it is applied.  

Resina per pavimenti

1989 Our resins

At the end of the 80s we detected a great demand from the building sector: the jointless floor.

Since then we have been developing and offering to the industrial world a wide range of solutions in pure resin such as epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate walkable and carriageable solutions for the industry.  

For each floor we have selected the best raw materials to reach the highest levels of quality, reliability, resistance and duration.

Pavimentazioni in resina industriale - Rivestimenti in resina

 2000  The acquisition

In 2000 Sergio Pranovi, an entrepreneur from Vicenza with a long experience in the construction and chemistry sectors, decided to merge these passions and buy Rpm Italia. Resin floors and coatings became a winning solution not only for industries, but also for the residential and commercial sectors.  This material became more and more appreciated due to its high washability and consequent hygiene, the continuity of space and its high degree of personalization.    

From the very beginning, we decided to introduce a new range of cement-based products, which could satisfy the increasing demands of floors and coatings with a more esthetical texture such as resins.

 2007-2009  Two Great Achievements

In 2007 we manufactured and installed the indoor flooring of the shopping mall Etnapolis designed by the well-known architect Massimiliano Fuksas. Our tasks were making the flooring  rainproof, suitable for vehicles and installing road signs for the car parking. 

75.000 square meters of resin on a shopping mall that extends on a 1-km linear surface are just few numbers of this important project.  

In 2009 we decided to accept another important challange: the C.A.S.E. project for the reconstruction in Abruzzo, an Italian region that was strongly affected by earthquakes. Within this project, we have manufactured the residential modules for the population  as well as floors, coatings for bathrooms, terraces and stairwells in more than 800 apartments. 

 2011  Our new premises

In 2011 we decided to open up a brand-new 5400 square meters plant in Altavilla Vicentina, an important industrial area between Vicenza and Verona. The new premises include 1400 sq offices, conference rooms, and 4000 sq of production and warehouse area. A wide showroom welcomes our visitors and exhibits many different solutions capable to satisfy all kind of needs reference.  

This is the perfect place to welcome our customers and develop new solutions for an increasingly more demanding market.

2015 Our premises in Milan

Milan is is the international capital of Design and we decided to open a sales office there in order to be closer to the designers and architects with whom we have been working for years. .

Una scala che accosta un muro con un rivestimento RPM Italia in diverse tonalità di azzurro

The staff

From your project idea to turnkey delivery
Our team

All our employees and professionals share our owner’s company which is "turning each individual's talent into a common project". According to this philosophy our team works hard to guarantee the high professional and quality standards that are the pride of our company.

We are a family company that has been working in Italy and in foreign markets and we are always ready to face new challenges.  

Un padre con i suoi due figli sorridenti nell'azienda di famiglia
Sergio Pranovi

Amministratore Delegato

Alberto Pranovi

Responsabile Commerciale

Luca Pranovi

Responsabile Tecnico

Sergio Pranovi


Alberto Pranovi

Sales Manager

Luca Pranovi

Technical Manager

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