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The Materials

Gold floors are highly decorative.
Micro-powders in silver and gold are added to the base resin which make the compound extremely bright.
The intensity of the brightness is at the discretion and taste of the customer.
The hardness and resistance characteristics of the resin remain unchanged.

We Reccomend It For

This type of flooring can be laid on any suitably prepared surface, we make floors, wall coverings and coverings of other architectural elements.
This finish is particularly appreciated in environments that need decorative elements, it is ideal for anyone who wants to give character and brightness to an environment.

Production and Flooring

First, the laying surface is analyzed, after which the latter is possibly repaired and prepared with different types of processing.
The base resin is added with powders or leaves, gold or silver.
The resin is placed on the properly prepared surface.
The minimum thickness and resistance that distinguish resin floors is guaranteed.


Our materials are certified and are produced in full compliance with EU regulations.


  • Highly decorative solutions: environments acquire character and brightness.

  • Resistance and durability

  • Micro-powders in gold and silver

  • We recommend it for anyone wishing to give uniqueness to an environment, particularly suitable for the retail and hotel sector.


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The Finishes

The finishes are at the total discretion of the customer.

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Each process carried out by RPM Italia provides for a constant relationship with the client in order to create a customized flooring or covering.

Thanks to the various design and study phases and subsequent inspections, the customer feels totally involved in the process of carrying out the work.