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Cemento Resina

The Materials

Cement resin is a product that combines the qualitative performance of the resin with a pleasant aesthetic effect.
The resistance, high washability and low thickness of the resin combine with a material effect typical of concrete.
The finish is warm and silky to the touch, it has a texture characterized by chromatic marbling and material vibrations resulting from its processing and the installation techniques of our highly specialized team.

We Reccomend It For

The floors and coatings in cement resin are suitable in all environments where continuity of spaces, easy washability, sound absorption and resistance are required.
At the same time, this collection is ideal for anyone who wants to give a highly material aesthetic effect, rich in depth and with surprising light refraction effects to their environments.
We especially recommend it in all those environments in contact with customers, where you want to convey hospitality and pleasantness.

Production and Flooring

First, the support is analyzed, which must be flat and free of humidity.
The support is therefore prepared through different types of processing, followed by various layers of application to the resin cement.


Our materials are certified and are produced in full compliance with EU regulations.


  • Continuity

  • Aesthetic material effect

  • We recommend it for anyone who wants a floor and / or wall covering that is rich in depth but at the same time resistant and easy to clean.

  • Concrete effect finish that gives an immediate feeling of warmth and welcome


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The Finishes

The finish will be material with a concrete effect.
The different shades of gray give an immediate sensation of modernity and simplicity, together with the material effect, the rooms are enriched with sensations of comfort and hospitality.