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The Materials

Adequately processed epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate or cementitious resins can recall some visual aspects present in nature.

We Reccomend It For

Nature floors are floors suitable for both residential and commercial environments. In the residential area, the "nature" effect is particularly appreciated in the living and bathroom areas, both as flooring and as a wall covering.
In commercial environments, the '' nature '' effect is ideal for decisively communicating your brand: products, corporate values.

Production and Flooring

The decorative cycle is a shaded one, it includes a first part dedicated to the preparation of the base by sanding, subsequent application of the epoxy primer, of the pigmented resin which is then loaded with powders and color and where necessary finished with an anti-UV finish.


Our materials are certified and are produced in full compliance with EU regulations.


  • Extreme thermal resistance

  • Non-slip

  • Waterproof


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The Finishes

The finishes for the Nature line are: wood, sea and corten.
The "Wood" effect allows you to have all the shades of the essence and all the resistance of the resin.
By choosing the RAL colors you prefer and through an overlapping process, the "Mare" finish can make your flooring and / or cladding unique and extremely suggestive.
"Corten" is an effect achieved by inserting metal particles into the resinous formulation.
The material is subjected to a series of treatments thanks to which a surface similar to rust is obtained. The color is intense, cloudy and the surface is natural and innovative. These types of processing are applicable both to floors and walls and to furnishing accessories.