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The Materials

The monochromatic resin floors are epoxy or polyurethane-based, available in different RAL colors, with a cementitious, glossy or matte finish.
They are self-leveling floors. Visually they appear as a continuous flooring or covering, without chromatic unevenness and this gives ample space to the spaces.

We Reccomend It For

Monochromatic floorings and coatings offer several advantages: they are easy to clean, they are sound absorbing and given their resistance, they are ideal floorings and coatings for any kind of environment and sector.

Production and Flooring

The monochromatic floor is usually a self-leveling whose thickness can vary from 2 to 3 mm.
The substrate is prepared using a shot peening machine, smoothed with an epoxy primer, followed by the dusting and application of the self-leveling compound and the finish chosen during the design phase.
The resin is dustproof, resistant to light abrasions, easy to clean as well as aesthetically elegant.


Our materials are certified and are produced in full compliance with EU regulations.


  • Epoxy or polyurethane based

  • Self-leveling

  • Dustproof, durable and elegant

  • We recommend it for any type of environment and / or sector and for anyone wishing to give ample breadth and good soundproofing from surrounding sounds and noises thanks to its sound-absorbing properties.

  • Three finishes available

  • Wide choice of colors (RAL colors)


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The Finishes

The monochromatic self-leveling product can have 3 different finishes: cement, glossy, opaque; able to adapt to every personal taste and effect you want to achieve.

  • The cementitious finish recalls that of the cement-resin while maintaining an epoxy base.

  • The glossy finish makes the environment very bright and modern, suitable for different environments.

  • The matte finish is less conspicuous and gives the environment and its furnishings plenty of space to express themselves.