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The Materials

The Venetian floor in epoxy resin without solvents, also known as Terrazzo alla Veneziana, is the reinterpretation of a great classic of flooring.
It is composed of a resin base on which marble, glass, stone or mother-of-pearl grits of various sizes are distributed. The colors available are many
The use of resin as a binder instead of the traditional lime or cement, allows to obtain a flooring full of charm but with all the advantages of the resin: resistance, minimum thickness, faster times.

We Reccomend It For

The Venetian is a highly representative flooring. The resin Venetian floor gives great elegance, classicism and extreme brightness.
It is an ideal flooring for large reception spaces, thanks to its elasticity and resistance that allow less use of joints and a lower risk of cracking than the more traditional Venetian made with lime or cement.

Production and Flooring

A mixture of epoxy resins and marble powders is used on which the sowing of grits of different colors and sizes is carried out. After catalysis and subsequent polishing, the floor is finished with a glossy or satin finish.


Our materials are certified and are produced in full compliance with EU regulations.


  • Colored quartz

  • Heavy traffic surfaces

  • Multiple color solutions


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The Finishes

The floor has different characteristics based on the size of the marble and the grits that are inserted into the epoxy resin. Once completed, the floor is finished with a glossy or satin finish.