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In educational establishments such as universities, kindergartens, technical institutes and training institutions, high safety standards are required to make the structures compliant with users of different age groups, in particular young students and children.


The resinous material has excellent resistance and anti-slip properties.
Depending on the project specifications, RPM Italia realizes tailor-made treatments for play areas and / or outdoor gyms to ensure non-slip surfaces resistant to impacts, blows and abrasions.
The resin has excellent sound-absorbing properties, by doing so they can create ideal environments for learning and study but also stimulating and fun play areas in many colors and patterns.

  • Resin floors and coatings guarantee high hygienic standards and low maintenance costs, as they are continuous solutions without joints.


A resin floor, being free of joints and / or gaps, is easy to clean, whether it is mechanized or manual cleaning.
A resin waterproofing also protects the structure from infiltrations, bacteria and molds.
Bacteria and molds therefore avoid settling and spreading in common areas such as canteens, play areas and / or refreshments.
RPM Italia creates solutions that comply with current health regulations and that guarantee hygiene that is superior to normal daily cleaning.

  • In the redevelopment of buildings and complexes, resin is an ideal material as it has low thicknesses and can be laid, with the appropriate processing and specifications, on top of pre-existing surfaces.

  • The refurbishment of floors and walls allows to conform and make the structure more efficient in a short time.


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Le Finiture

Preparazione della Superficie

  • Analisi della superficie esistente

  • Preparazione e riparazione della superficie esistente mediante diverse tipologie di lavorazioni 

  • Accurata pulizia per rimuovere e smaltire i materiali di risulta

Ciclo Applicativo

  • Applicazione di eventuali elementi architettonici (rete di armatura, massetto, pannelli) 

  • Stesura di uno o più prodotti per assicurare la massima adesione della resina scelta

  • Stesura della Resina scelta in fase di progettazione


  • Stesura della resina di finitura con una tecnica di posa specifica

  • Stesura di trattamenti ulteriori scelti in fase di trattazione 

  • Pulizia della nuova superficie da consegnare chiavi in mano

Esempi di Realizzazione

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