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RPM - Pavimenti in resina


"Design is resin"

pavimentazioni in resina

Effectiveness and seriousness

How we work

pavimenti in resina

The "keys in hand"

Our services

resina per pavimenti

The material of innovation

The resin

A look at our Collections

Rpm Italia boasts a vast collection of resin floors, suitable for every need: from food companies to residential floors.

varie tipologie di resina per il tuo pavimento

Cemento Resina

Thanks to the particularly material effect that the Cemento Resina collection gives to the environment in which it is applied and the refinement of the micro-cement effect makes it particularly suitable for residential and office / retail environments.

Our Blog has arrived!

Do you have any doubts? Do you want to know all the secrets of our products and materials? Or are you interested in our techniques and work procedures?


 Our blog is for you!  

The posts published periodically will allow you to discover the whole world of Rpm Italia.

Our Method

Resina per terrazza

 1  Inspection and Evaluation

After the customer's enquiry our technicians carry out an on-site inspection for an accurate evaluation of the pre-existing floor on which the resin shall be applied. 

The parameters to take into consideration are: the position, the usage of the floor, the degradation of the base and the possible presence of other agents that may affect the flooring.  

Resina per terrazza

 2  Design of the Finish

After the preliminary analysis of the surface to be coated, our technicians will select the right and customized application cycle for the desired floor.  


After understanding the customer's needs, we will present different solutions with different kinds of resins and finishes, all equally effective.

 3  Other complementary work

Besides flooring or coating, other complementary works like rounded edges or joists can also be implemented.

Rivestimenti in resina
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Rpm Italia was born thanks to the experience in the field of chemistry of Fiprokim srl, a company active for thirty years in this market.

Formulation, analysis and design are the basis for the creation of correct, tested and complete products.

Fiprokim srl, with an internal research and development laboratory, guarantees solutions in various building fields with Rpm Italia; from the treatment of metal surfaces, to the treatment of water to coolants . 

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