RPM International Inc. was founded in 1930 in Ohio (USA). They produce innovative solutions for waterproofing, industrial flooring and anti-corrosion coatings. Over the decades, constant investments in research and development have guaranteed continual growth, consolidating their position internationally.

In 1970, RPM Italia srl was founded to directly meet the needs of the domestic market. The new company applied the same know-how to obtain elastic materials, durable, highly waterproof, resistant to ultraviolet rays and to atmospheric phenomena, and suitable for every type of construction.

The turning point occurred in the 1990s when Sergio Pranovi acquired the company and combined his two passions, chemical and construction, while resins were also affirmed for residential applications, both for their technical qualities as well as for aesthetic reasons. One of the strengths of RPM Italia is the search for innovative solutions such as resin flooring through the use of the three types of resin already available on the market: epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylic resins.


In 2012, going against the trend of the domestic market, RPM Italia invested in the construction of a new headquarters in Altavilla Vicentina, just outside the city which had been home to the company since its inception.

The building has become an ideal showroom for displaying resin flooring and all other possible applications for epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and other innovative materials. The company offers coverings and extremely versatile construction solutions from Venetian to monochrome self-levelling treatments for flooring, from classic brushed or monochrome coatings to unusual or even artistic wall treatments. In fact, RPM Italia has become the company’s visiting card.


RPM Italia can answer every need, offering any kind of floor or wall covering internal or external for the industrial, the commercial, civil or residential sectors, thanks to the use of all three types of resins pre-existing in the market.

Epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate resin: each type is carefully prepared and laid to ensure excellent results with the highly technical characteristics that only these materials can give to resin flooring.

An ideal product for residential and commercial floorings where a unique aesthetic and sophistication based on colour and creativity is sought.

A range of solutions perfect for creating the final look of the floor during application, and to optimally interpret any environment both domestic and public.

Produced specifically to cover commercial surfaces with intense pedestrian traffic, strong enough in particular cases to withstand light motorised traffic.

A material recommended for paving of large surfaces subject to high pedestrian and motorised traffic use. The finishes are particularly suitable for the chemical, pharmaceutical, agro-food and oil industries.


With a long experience in the industrial field where the issues of temperature, wear and timing require flexibility, speed of execution and durable finishes, RPM Italia also stars in the interior design world through the use of resin floors and resin coatings.

Their turnkey service meets the needs of architects and designers in particular thanks to a free consultation service where concrete proposals translate the designer’s ideas into realised projects.

Continuous surfaces without joints and breaks, elastic and waterproof. Renovations that enhance the existing flooring or cover without burdening lower floors and or creating problems through its thickness. Optimisation of timing and the disposal of material to be removed. Customisable colours and textures to achieve unique, unrepeatable results … RPM Italia can guarantee top quality work completed by skilled specialists.



RPM Italia has the ideal product for residential floorings: resin. This material is able to provide unique colour and design possibilities to produce a unique aesthetic, it is highly hygienic and may be used both indoors and outdoors with the same flawless results.


Hotels, bars and restaurants, wellness areas and common high traffic areas need floors and walls with reliable features, both indoors and outdoors.

RPM Italia resin solutions are easily customisable, hygienic, resistant to heavy foot traffic, just a few of the features that make the company the ideal partner for those working in the world of contract architecture.


The importance of the image and the brand are fundamental, and therefore RPM Italia offers a variety of floor coverings or wall to suit any business when bringing their professional values to their workplace.

Perfect for public areas, from the inner office to the shop floor, resins offer an excellent aesthetic and the absence of joints, are easily cleaned, and offer durability, customisation, and uniqueness.


RPM Italia resins respond to the specific challenges of mechanical and chemical resistance, thermal stress, boiling water, organic acids, to microbiological attack, alkali, high wear and high pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The industrial sector has always been the core business of the company. However, over time they have been chosen by companies that operate in different sectors: dairy, refrigeration, wine, paper, printing, steel mills, machine shops …




Resin design is an innovative line of products from RPM Italia consisting of dibond panels that create textures and effects difficult to duplicate through other techniques.

Made in-house or on-site on commission, once resin coated the products lend themselves to being items of interior and outdoor furnishing, paintings which may also be used outdoors thanks to water and UV resistance. In the RPM Italia headquarters, in addition to the resin floors on display, an entire room is dedicated to the exhibition of specially made samples: it is an area where creativity, design and innovation come together in many new and extremely versatile solutions.



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